Our approach

At AdaptAbility@Work we recognise that the enduring “9-5” business and government models and environments which served our forefathers well often poorly reflect contemporary changes in technology, family and job roles, recreation patterns or how we communicate.

Our specialities

We specialise in helping traditional organisations develop the supporting policies and practical tools that allow business areas to:

Accurately map their services and outputs.

Understand and quantify their available staff hours, seniority and skill mix.

Evaluate the feasibility of different flexible work arrangements for the business area and/or specific roles.

Redesign their teams and work flows so that flexible work practices are genuinely available to most people.

Importantly, even when these activities are completed and an organisation can proudly claim that it provides an “All Roles Flex” approach to work, the key tools sustained, successful flexible work arrangements lies in consistent review and recalibration.

This commitment to regularly checking that agreed flexible work practices remain a win for staff and a win for the business must become a fundamental part of the organisation’s new Business As Usual.

AdaptAbility@Work has a holistic approach to promoting and supporting flexible work practices. Our programs and services deliberately address broader staff engagement and management topics that impact upon flexible work arrangements including unconscious bias and strength based coaching practices.

We also pride ourselves on the support and coaching we undertake with individuals:

  • soon to be parents wondering about their flexible work options;
  • people with elder care responsibilities; or
  • those who know that their life improves if they can exercise before work or avoid one or both peak hours or regularly volunteer at their local charity.

There is no one or right way to create a flexible work arrangement but AdaptAbility@Work has the expertise and sincere wish to help you and your organisation achieve a mutually empowering equilibrium.

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