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Tanya Dannock is the Managing Director of AdaptAbility@Work. She specilises in the design and delivery of customised flexible workplace programs for both public and private sector clients. Her consultancy offers a refreshingly practical approach to implementing flexible work practices to optimally navigate the complex overlay of business culture, leadership structures, productivity measures and individual staff needs.

Tanya’s expertise is born of 20 years experience working across a range of social policies and service delivery associated with children, parenting and family relationships at the Executive Level in the Federal Government. Tanya is also a professional doula (birth assistant) and a highly regarded, qualified facilitator and trainer.

The uniting theme of Tanya’s work is her desire to empower staff and employers to facilitate their success as individuals and as broader communities. This objective drives the astute application of her flexible workplace knowledge and skills to teach both leaders and teams how to increase personal and business wellbeing.

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Our team

The AdaptAbility at Work Team comprises a small but powerful and flexible workforce. We walk the talk!

We also have a strategic alliance with Interaction Consulting Group, an established and trusted provider of learning and development services.

The AdaptAbility at Work team comprises of former senior federal government leaders and executive who are experienced in engaging across the public and private sectors as well as with individuals and families.

The team’s formal qualifications and skill set include policy development and service delivery, business continuity and risk management, positive psychology, qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis, graphic design and training and facilitation.

We are energised by our business ideas and skills collaboration, deliberately using our individual knowledge and strengths to develop innovative and high quality products and services.

We also balance our work with parenting and caring responsibilities, as well as deliberately quarantining time for the things we cherish – family, friends and perusing our personal interest activities, including a change of scenery.

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Kind Words

“Tanya went above and beyond to accommodate the needs of our group and as a result we all walked away with a wealth of knowledge and understanding that is relevant in our new job as aps employees. Thank you!”

November 2016

“Tanya was inspirational! Her energetic and engaging style made the session one to remember. I came away motivated and equipped to make changes.”

July 2016

“Tanya’s extensive experience in the public sector made me feel like she really understood our challenges and she was very skilled at helping identify realistic solutions.”

February 2016

“I’ve been in the APS for 16 years and Tanya’s program was the best one ever!”

September 2015